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I coach professionals who are feeling stuck in their careers or wanting more out of their work. 
When they’re hoping to grow or change directions, I help them find clarity, figure out the next steps, and take action to build a career and life that make them happy. 

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Coaching is talking to someone who will listen deeply and help you become aware of any limiting beliefs or mindsets that are not serving you. Coaching is helping you figure out the next SMALL step to get you to your BIG goals.

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I believe that you are here for a reason. You are meant to be here. There is something that you are supposed to learn about yourself.  I believe that you are READY. Ready to face your fears. Ready to make some POSITIVE CHANGES. Ready to CREATE the life you want.

If you would like to talk to someone about your GOALS and DREAMS. If you would like to grow in your career or take your new business to the next level. If you want to GROW  as a leader, then coaching is for you.



I'm lupe.

an ICF credentialed coach, wife, and mom

get ready to shine!

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Making career pivots and
life-changing decisions can be stressful. 

It's important to have someone
to talk it through and guide you on your journey.

I’m making tangible, positive changes in my personal and professional life immediately following our sessions. Lupe's coaching is worth every penny and then some!"


Redefining  Career  Success

by looking for joy throughout the journey,
not just the destination

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