imagine creating your ideal life now

If you are like my other clients then you are motivated, goal oriented and ready for some positive changes in your life.

Imagine getting on a call and getting really clear on your goals and your next steps. Imagine feeling energized and motivated to go after what you feel passionate about after each call. Imagine designing a life you love! If this sounds like you then it's 100% time to invest in coaching!

My 1:1 coaching program is designed for people who are ready to create positive changes in their life. It is a powerful way to grow and to have an accountability partner. Invest in yourself! 

Time for Growth

I’m making tangible, positive changes in my personal and professional life immediately following our sessions. Lupe's coaching is worth every penny and then some!"


What to Expect:

coaching includes:

• Three or six sessions of coaching 
• Bi-weekly 1-hour phone or video calls
• Unlimited email support
• Resources (e.g. book recommendations, helpful videos, podcast episodes and tools)

Schedule your
30 minute complimentary discovery session

Public accounting & the oil/gas industry

8 years in

Coaches Training Institute (CTI)

trained by

Master’s in Leadership, Organizational Development and Executive Coaching


Is this right for me?

If you would like to talk to someone about your GOALS and DREAMS. If you would like to make a career change but are not sure where to start. If you want to GROW as a leader, then coaching is for you.

Motivated goal oriented individuals

You are eager to get clarity on the direction of your career

You want to feel happier in your career and your personal life

who this is for:

Don't want any changes in your life

You are not ready to have an accountability partner

You are not ready to invest in yourself 

who this is not for:


"I hired Lupe after several months of trying to attempt to navigate the COVID pandemic on my own. As a healthcare executive on the frontlines of the COVID pandemic, managing a team both behind the scenes and in the homes of vulnerable populations, I found myself stuck. Although I had been working with my company's executive coach, I didn't have anyone in my corner to help me work through the pandemic challenges personally until I was introduced to Lupe."

"I was burned out on work, showing up poorly as a Mom and wife, and my health suffered from putting work first. Since working with Lupe, the transformation I have experienced started personally; then it bled into other aspects of my life. I'm back to putting my health first and working out 4-5x per week when before I was lucky if I worked out once in six months. I launched an interior design business with my husband, was promoted to President of my division at work, and I even went back to school to pursue a degree in Organizational Leadership. This sounds absurd to do in just one year of working with Lupe, but it speaks to the results that she provides through her coaching.

While it is easy to focus on professional success, I also want to mention what it has done personally. Personally, I've learned to get clear on what I want from life and now understand the barriers I place on myself. I believe in Lupe's work that I've referred two friends who currently utilize her as their life coach."

Stephanie Medina

Chief People Officer
24 Hour Home Care

"Since I have started coaching sessions with Lupe I have become more confident in myself as an individual and as a business owner."

"What I find to be most valuable from our coaching sessions is the ability to allow my thoughts and emotions flow as well as the encouragement I get from Lupe to accomplish my goals.

Since I have started coaching sessions with Lupe I have become more confident in myself as an individual and as a business owner. I have also learned so many new techniques to better the communication in my marriage."

Josh Stevens


"I’m making tangible, positive changes in my personal and professional life immediately following our sessions.
Her coaching is worth every penny and then some!"

"Lupe is an incredible coach, as she truly takes the time to understand your goals, your struggles, and your dreams. She has the natural ability to ask you the hard, productive questions that prompt change and growth in your life. Lupe’s sincere approach to coaching makes her stand out from the rest. I leave a coaching call with her feeling like I can conquer difficult challenges with more ease, reframe my train of thought, and become a better version of myself. I can’t thank Lupe enough for being able to draw things out of me that I need to process and hear. She’s a safe place; she allows me to see things I wouldn’t normally have seen otherwise."

Kelly Simants

Strategic HR Consultant

"She always listened intently and with compassion."

"I’ve really enjoyed working with Lupe! She took a wholistic approach to understand my life and challenged me to see the practical steps I could take to improve some of the major and even the simplest areas of it. She always listened intently and with compassion. With her help I’ve been able to see how my thoughts and beliefs have impacted how I see myself and the people in my life, and change those negative patterns."

Kasey Daniels

VP, Accounting Policy 

"Talking through everything with Lupe really helped me develop/solidify a plan of action."

"I sought out coaching to help with my career and personal development. I began the coaching experience at a time when I had just relocated to a new city (Los Angeles) and found myself in a sort of limbo with my career. Talking through everything with Lupe really helped me develop/solidify a plan of action. I can proudly state that I landed the promotion that fueled my motivation to relocate to Los Angeles. I sincerely feel that Lupe played a part in that process."

Gustavo Delgado

"Lupe is an incredible mentor and coach.
She has a powerful ability to share candid feedback and help clients understand
their true self better."

"Her approach is kind, compassionate, warm and thoughtful, and I always leave our conversations feeling inspired and ready to approach whatever challenges I'm experiencing head-on. I've met with her during pivotal moments in my career and she was able to help me find clarity to construct the best path forward. There are many times in which her coaching tools have helped me professionally and personally. I can't recommend her enough for those seeking to better their career and life overall." 

Lauren Eichler

Account Supervisor, Social Factor

What's the investment to work with you?

I offer different packages based on your needs and goals. Schedule a free sample session to find out more.


Do we talk on the phone or are our sessions face to face?

You decide whether you would like phone or video calls. We can alternate between what works for you in that particular session.

What training & experience do you have as a coach?

I completed the training program from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and the Master's program in Leadership and Organizational Development at the University of Texas at Dallas that has a concentration in executive coaching.

What is a coaching call like?

Every time we have a coaching call, you will bring a topic that you would like to talk about and then I will ask you questions to help you get some clarity on what you would like to do to move forward.  

What if I live in a different time zone, would you be able to accommodate me?

Yes! I have a range of office hours that accommodates most schedules. 

Have more questions?

Email me at info@lupeprado.com and I am happy to answer any questions.

Lupe is an outstanding coach. Her warmth and kindness built immediate trust with me.

 —  Carol Locke