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How Self-Awareness Creates Clarity and Focus in Your Career Journey | Jessica Kent

Episode #8: Jessica shares how she found her work on executive coaching and leadership consulting. She shares how important self-awareness is to be able to get clear on our career journey.  We talk about how creating awareness around our values can help give us clarity in our personal and professional lives.

We talk about her background in public relations, her experience as a global leader at Deloitte, and a Senior Director at the Brene Brown Education and Research Group. We also talk about work integration, being a mom, and a helpful coaching tool “Circles of Influence”.

Main Points:

  • Look for patterns throughout your life to figure out what kind of work you enjoy the most
  • Create self-awareness by getting clear on your values so you can make personal and professional decisions based on what matters most to you
  • There is something to learn from all roles, both good and bad

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