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Episode #2: In this episode, I share three tools that can be helpful in our journey towards making positive changes in our life: 1) the Identity concept, 2) Tolerations, and 3) Passive versus Massive Action.  

Our identity, the little things that drain our energy, and the actions that could actually be keeping us from achieving our goals can be pivotal to creating change. The Identity concept and Passive/Massive action can be applied to any type of goal and tolerations can be helpful in creating more energy in our life. 

  • Identity Concept
    • Outcome vs. Identity, as read in the book Atomic Habits by James Clear
    • When setting the goal, it’s really important to start by looking at who we want to become in achieving the goal. 
    • Who and what do we want to be? 
    • Get clear on the identity you are searching for and then prove it to yourself with your habits.
  • Passive and Massive Action
    • Passive action is important but mostly focuses on consuming (e.g. books, courses, training) 
    • Massive action is the opposite of passive because it is creating.
    • Passive action is a form of procrastinating and usually keeps us from taking massive action where we are creating and doing things that create clarity and momentum. 
  • Tolerations
    • It’s important to determine and remove tolerations or energy drainers in our life. 
    • Tolerations are the seemingly small things in our life that we tend to dismiss and that drain our energy (e.g. the squeaky door, the uncomfortable desk chair)
    • These can really bring us down. As a result, we may not have the energy for our goals.
    • Tolerations may seem small but they add up.


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