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Career Transitions and Fulfillment | Interview for the Pro Organizer Studio Podcast

Episode #30: In this week’s episode, I’m excited to share this podcast interview I did for my friend Jen Obermeier’s podcast, where we talked about career changes and fulfillment.

Jen is a special friend of mine, and she is one of the first few guests I’ve invited on my podcast. She is the founder of the Pro Organizer Studio and creator of the Inspired Organizer Program. 

In this episode, we talk about my career transition from accounting to coaching, how I knew it was time to change careers, and what we can do to figure out what we want to do in our career pivot. We also talked about energy drains, the concept of tolerations, this book I’m currently hooked on, and so much more.

More about Jen:

Jen Obermeier is the founder of Pro Organizer Studio and the creator behind the Inspired Organizer™ system for professional organizers. Her mission is to make selling and serving luxury clientele both doable and FUN. A successful online course creator, she shares even more online business tips and hacks at

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