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Episode #51: This week on the podcast I am thrilled to have Susie Moore. Susie is the author of Let It Be Easy and Stop Checking Your Likes. 

She is a former Silicon Valley executive turned celebrity life coach and advice columnist, and her work has been featured on the Today show, Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, Oprah, Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Cosmopolitan. 

Born in England, she lives in Miami with her husband Heath and her Yorkshire terrier, Coconut. 

I love Susie and having her on the podcast was soo incredibly special for me. Her positive energy is contagious and Her mantra of Let It Be Easy has been life-changing for me. 

In our conversation, we talk about the concept of ease and how we can apply it to all areas of our life and not feel guilty about it. 

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