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Episode #68. This week on the podcast, I am thrilled to be joined by Chef Charles Webb, owner of Avanti Gourmet Catering and creator and host of the docuseries #ChefonTour. 

Charles is a Chicago native who grew up in both San Antonio, Texas, and Guanajuato, Mexico. He began his career in Wall Street after finishing his studies at The European School of Economics in Rome. Feeling unsatisfied in his career, he returned to the familiar realm of food and beverage doing the work that put him through college. It wasn’t until witnessing 9/11 at the nearby SoHo street corner, Prince and Wooster that he decided to pursue what he loved. 

He spent many years on a worldwide adventure living out his mission to follow his passion. He worked at establishments such as The Mercer Kitchen in NYC, Casas Brancas & Spa in Brazil, Noma in Copenhagen, and on mega-yachts in the Côte d’Azur. However, it was not until 92 jobs later and his return to Chicago, that he decided to become an entrepreneur.

Charles launched Avanti Gourmet Catering in Chicago. Charles has built an award-winning catering business. His mission is to curate unforgettable, incredible moments for each guest at his table. He donates his time to One Goal Foundation and Lurie’s Children Hospital. He is also the host and creator of #ChefonTour, an engaging, digital series built around culture, community, food, and art wrapped into travel. It captures the essence of 40 cities as seen by locals and at each destination, Charles brings together major influencers, food experts, and tastemakers to a special curated dinner. 

In our conversation today, Charles shares how being resourceful and open to possibilities has allowed him to do work he loves. He talks about what working 92 jobs taught him and how that eventually led him to become an entrepreneur. Charles has such a positive energy and an incredible story. 

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