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Episode #75. I am so excited to have Whitney Rowell on the podcast. Whitney is a mother, wife, and passionate entrepreneur. She spent the first decade of her professional career helping to launch new businesses and grow brand awareness through positions in public relations, digital strategy, marketing and branding in Dallas, New York City, and Palm Beach.  

Today, she is the founder and CEO of Miracle Milkookies, a direct-to-consumer lactation ‘Kookie’ company with the mission of giving mamas everywhere a boost. 

Whitney is also founder and host of the podcast, Message From Mom, a platform for conversations with other moms, healthcare professionals, and influencers in the postpartum space to share the resources she wished she had as a first-time mom. 

Whitney is co-founder and an advisor for HerStory, a marketplace she and two friends launched during COVID for local female-founded businesses to sell their products on a global scale. 

 She loves connecting with other female entrepreneurs and has helped build a local female founder network called Collective Thirty One. 

I left this conversation feeling so inspired and energized by Whitney, her personal story on the why behind her company and her passion for supporting other women and women founders is so powerful. 

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