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Episode #78. This week on the podcast, I am thrilled to be joined by Andrea Campos. Andrea is a first-generation Mexican-American visual artist and New York Times Bestselling illustrator.

She began her career in illustration when the world went into lockdown in March 2020. Like so many others at that time, Andrea felt anxious and overwhelmed by the state of the world, so she turned to art as a way to make sense of it all. 

Her work is positive, comforting, and colorful and sits at the intersection of playful with a purpose which has led her to work with some industry giants including Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Lopez. 

The daughter of immigrants, Andrea is committed to inclusive storytelling in her work. 

I loved this conversation. Andrea is so open about her journey and the doubts that came with it. She shares how she got back into art and how that led to a life-changing opportunity. 

Her story shows what is possible for us when we are willing to step outside of our comfort zone and pursue the things that bring us joy.

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