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Episode #86. This week on the podcast I am joined by Lori Mulady Burdick. Lori brings over 30 years of experience in the counseling profession, wellness and spirituality.

Lori has been drawn to soul-healing work from a very young age. Miraval Wellness Resort has provided a beautiful platform to integrate her wealth of knowledge, education, experience and spiritual wisdom to create space and to companion guests in navigating the waters of their lives.

At Miraval she specializes in life transitions, relationships, family dynamics, parenting, boundaries, health, and bereavement. She offers an opportunity to realign your perspective and receive support and guidance.

She also offers private consultations for each of those topics in addition to consultations for mindful relationships and mindful parenting. Outside of Miraval she is a private practitioner, educator, presenter and retreat facilitator.

In this conversation, we talk about the importance of mindfulness and how we can create space for more mindful moments in our lives.

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