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Episode #91. This week on the podcast, I am thrilled to be joined by Anne Garcia. Anne is a virtual assistant turned agency owner and team lead for Dklutr.

Dklutr is a team of creatives that aim to help clients declutter their workflow. Our agency provides key services so clients can achieve a seamless system and workflow, be visible online and on social media, and have time to do the things that matter to them the most.

After leaving her corporate work due to a heart condition, she delved into the world of virtual assistants. Her “get-things-done-no-matter-what” mindset and “loves-to-check-things-off-the-list” personality fit perfectly with the VA world and remote work.

Anne loves working with collaborative, inspiring, and imaginative clients, and having a solid team of highly-skilled individuals with great personalities and strong work ethics has been the formula for the growth and success they now enjoy.

I met Anne when I really needed help with launching my podcast. I’ve worked with her and her team in the Philippines ever since. Hiring her and her company has been one of the best decisions.

In our conversation today, we talked about how Anne has built a successful team and found work that gives her a sense of purpose.

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