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Episode #101. Rafael Barlowe joins me on the podcast this week.

After working in basketball operations for the Texas Legends (the Dallas Mavericks’ G League affiliate), Rafael launched Barlowe Basketball, a coaching and player-development operation that led him to becoming a skills trainer for players with the NBA, EuroLeague, EuroCup, Champions League, G League and the NCAA Division I.

As a videographer, he created YouTube mini-documentaries for a few of the NBA players he trained and gained valuable experience working with elite AAU programs like Mo Williams Academy Elite and D1 Basketball that have produced McDonald’s All-Americans and first-round NBA draft picks.

His combination of skills training and the ability to create video content has afforded him the opportunity to see the world while doing what he loves and what he is passionate about.

His video projects have led him to having numerous NBA and NFL players as clients, and his work has been featured on,,, and NBA TV. He is the host of podcast, NBA big board.

I loved this conversation so much. I first met Rafael when he came to my high school to recruit students for an internship program called INROADS. After listening to his presentation, I knew I wanted to be a part of this program. That program eventually led me to an internship and then a full-time offer at one of the biggest accounting firms in the world.

I am so grateful to Rafael and I am so inspired by his incredible story. After leaving INROADS he went on to pursue his passion, basketball. He has an incredible story of perseverance. I can’t wait for you to listen.

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