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Episode #106. This week on the podcast I am excited to be joined by Nancy McGruder.

As the CEO of NMc Coaching & Consulting and an expert in her field, Nancy uses powerful strategies rooted in research, practical application, and emotional intelligence to meet clients at the point of their needs. As an adjunct professor for DBU’s Cook School of Leadership, Nancy teaches a Doctoral course on Professional Coaching and mentoring.

Nancy earned her doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from Dallas Baptist University (DBU) in 2016. She also holds graduate degrees in Foundations of Education, Higher Education, and Management. 

She earned her coaching certificate from the NeuroLeadership Institute, where she learned to apply a brain-based methodology to facilitate productive coaching conversations using the neuroscience of learning, motivation, and change.

This conversation was a good reminder of the importance of having people in our lives that can help us in our goals.

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