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Episode #108. Join me in this inspiring episode as I sit down with Julie Chavez, a cherished elementary school librarian from Northern California and the author of the insightful book, ‘Everyone but Myself’.

In her compelling narrative, Julie opens up about a pivotal time in her life marked by anxiety and self-discovery. Her book is more than a personal story; it’s a journey through the complexities of mental health and the pursuit of happiness.

What makes Julie’s story unique? It’s her relatable approach to life’s ups and downs, infused with the wisdom of a librarian and the warmth of a mother to two incredible teenagers. Her home life, filled with love and books sorted by color, paints the picture of someone who finds beauty in order.

As we explore the key themes of her book, Julie shares valuable insights on overcoming adversity and finding joy in the small moments. It’s a conversation that resonates with anyone seeking light in the shadows of life.

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