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Scrubs, Scripts, and Scribbles with Elle Evans

This week on the podcast, I sat down with Elle Evans, an anesthesiologist and academic researcher by day, and a writer by night, who shares the emotional rollercoaster of her writing journey publishing under a not-so-secret pen name. 

Elle delves into the intrinsic joy she finds both in her day job and pouring her soul into her writing, emphasizing the importance of cultivating an expansive life outside the hospital. 

In this episode, she vulnerably recounts the challenges she faced, including the exhaustion of countless rejections and the inner turmoil of questioning whether to continue pursuing her dream. 

Despite facing numerous setbacks and doubts, Elle persevered through the process of submissions and revisions, supported by her unwavering determination and the steadfast encouragement of her loved ones.

Tune in to hear how Elle navigates her dual identities and be inspired to chase your dreams, no matter how diverse they may be.

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