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How to Find Your Own Path In Your Career | Kendyl Wright

Episode #25: This week on the podcast I am interviewing Kendyl Wright. Kendyl is an events professional who has spent over 14 years designing engaging experiences for consumer and lifestyle brands. 

From the initial creative concepting to the final event production, Her experience ranges from bringing wine to millennials at New York Fashion Week to activating brand sponsorships everywhere from Little League World Series to the Super Bowl. 

She founded her company LOUDER Experiences in early 2019 to be the type of firm that has heart and hustle at its core.

I met Kendyl through a Dallas women’s group and we quickly became friends, 

I love Kendyl’s energy and her passion for her work. I really enjoyed this conversation, she shares how she found and created the work that she does today and some of the important lessons she has learned along the way. 

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