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The Power of Persistence | Adam Green

Episode #26: This week on the podcast I am interviewing Adam Green. Adam is an art advisor and consultant. After a decade of experience in the art industry, Adam founded Adam Green Art Advisory in 2016. 

Through his company Adam provides services to new and experienced collectors including advising clients on acquisitions of investment quality contemporary art as well as locating and brokering important contemporary artworks. 

Adam also serves as the podcast host of the ArtTactic Podcast, the first and leading podcast covering the art market. 

Prior to establishing Adam Green Art Advisory, Adam spent nearly a decade working at Christie’s, the leading auction house for the art market. 

Adam is one of the most motivated and hardworking people I know. He shares how he was able to create an art pop-up market during the financial crisis of 2008, his path to finding the work he does today and some of the important lessons he has learned along the way.

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