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How to Pivot In Your Career | Danielle Hawthorne

Episode #23: This week on the podcast I am interviewing Danielle Hawthorne. Dani is a confidence coach and entertainment journalist. In her work as a confidence coach, Dani is on a mission to help women build confidence, achieve their goals and dare to create a life they love using the power of video. 

Her work as an Entertainment Journalist has been seen on major media outlets like CBS, The CW and The Hollywood Reporter. Danielle created and is Executive Producer of The Reel Dallas an entertainment & film show dedicated to putting a spotlight on what’s happening on the film scene from Hollywood to Dallas/Fort Worth.

In this conversation, Dani shares her struggles finding work when she first graduated from college and the lessons that she learned to help her find the work that she does today. She also shares the importance of pivoting, taking baby steps, staying curious and giving ourselves grace. You will be so inspired. Can’t wait for you to listen!

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