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How to Find Confidence in Your Career | Hannah Davis

Episode #27: This week on the podcast I am interviewing Hannah Davis. Hannah is the host of Good Morning Texas at ABC’s Dallas affiliate and is a content creator focused on connecting humans and teaching life lessons through storytelling. 

Hannah is the creator and host of “Rise and Shiners”, a series that goes undercover to profile everyday heroes and surprise them with a big public “thank you” on social media and broadcast because she believes the good deserves the spotlight. 

She is so passionate about her work, and her love for storytelling and sharing people’s journey is so inspiring. Learn more about how she found her voice and her thoughts on how to overcome fear and gain confidence to pursue your dreams.

Catch Hannah every weekday at covering DFW’s best people who have something to teach, and places to eat, drink, learn and explore. 

Connect with Hannah:

Click HERE for the show transcript

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