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How to Cultivate Passion in Business | Cristina Lynch

Episode #45: Cristina Lynch is the CEO and founder of Mi Golondrina and a proud mother of two. She created the brand in 2013 to celebrate the beauty and traditions of Mexican artisans. 

Today Mi Golondrina is proud to partner with hundreds of artisans from nearly a dozen different communities across Mexico. With a growing business and a true love for Mexico, Cristina has given birth to a thriving market for beautiful handmade clothing. Mi Golondrina continues to support and bolster the traditions and heritage of hand-embroidery and the families that create them.

I am a huge fan of Mi Golondrina. It was so much fun to get to connect with Cristina. I loved talking to her about her love for Mexico and her perspective on building a business. Can’t wait for you to listen!

Connect with Cristina:

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