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PV Ep 60 - A Passion for Art, Culture and Baking  with Alicia Becerra - Paid Vocation

Episode #60. This week on the podcast I am thrilled to have Alicia Becerra. Alicia is the owner of AliciasDelicias, she is a mother/wife, painter, and baker. She started baking cakes with her mother at the age of eight years old. Her mother was an artist and a stay-at-home mom. 

She saw the passion Alicia had for art and quickly enrolled her in art classes where she learned painting and sculpting. Alicia applied that skill in her cake making and through those years she honed her skills in the cake world by creating birthday and wedding cakes for friends and family. Competitions soon followed and she became an award-winning cake designer. Cakes were where she was most comfortable and what she originally set out to do.

However; after establishing herself in San Diego, getting married, and having her first child, cake art soon evolved into cookie art and AliciasDelicias was born. She has been thoroughly enjoying building her cookie business for the last seven years. 

Cookie art has given her the canvas she has always wanted – the ability to showcase her painting skills, culture, and most importantly, her passion for art.

Alicia‚Äôs cookies are so beautiful and true works of art. Her love for her culture shines so brightly. In this conversation, Alicia shares how she got started with her business, her life as a mom and a business owner, and her love for her art. You are going to be so inspired by her story. 

I can’t wait for you to listen! 

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