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How to Live with Intention with Sandra Hinojosa Ludwig - Paid Vocation

Episode #61. This week I am joined by Sandra Hinojosa Ludwig. Sandra is a Certified Life Coach from the Transformational Arts College in Toronto, Canada, a  Qualified Solution-Focused Coach from Erickson International in Vancouver, Canada and the best selling author of “Chica, Why Not? How to live with intention and manifest a life that loves you back” published by Hay House. 

Through her Facebook and Instagram communities, as well as her coaching programs, she helps Latinas intentionally manifest a life that loves them back. 

Through her work, Sandra has connected with women from all over the Americas. 

After leaving her childhood home of Monterrey, Mexico, Sandra poured herself into a successful 20+ year corporate career that took her to live in Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, and ultimately to Canada, where she now lives. 

Tired from trying to unsuccessfully chase happiness, she turned to therapy and spirituality for help, eventually becoming a certified life coach

This conversation was such a gift. Sandra shares what led her to leave her successful corporate career to become a coach and how we can use the concept of alignment to really connect with ourselves.

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