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Episode #84. This week on the podcast I am delighted to have Steven Ross. Steven is a spiritual coach, ordained minister, meditation teacher and intuitive medium. 

His journey to his work today started about twenty years ago, when he moved to Houston, Texas. After living in the US for only a week, Steven had what some would call an epiphany. 

An intuitive thought that there was more to life than meets the eye. This began a quest for meaning and self-discovery that has continued to this day. At that time he was a 26 year old, somewhat anxious, oil and gas accountant.  

The quest for meaning led him into holistic and spiritual pursuits of all kinds. Eventually Steven dedicated all of his free time to healing practices and meditation.

In 2008 Steven and his wife moved to Austin, quit their jobs and opened a yoga studio. Over a 10 year period Steven and his wife built a vibrant community and taught thousands of students. 

In 2018 he sold the business and joined Miraval as wellness facilitator, meditation teacher and intuitive medium. 

At this point Steven has given close to 2000 “life readings”. Last year Steven along with his teaching partner launched The Spiritual Living School.

In this conversation, Steven shares how we can tap into our inner compass to find our vocation. I loved this conversation. Steven has such a calming energy and brings so much wisdom.

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